Extracting Content from Websites – Windows 10 Snipping Tool

How do I get pictures and logos from my website into Contribute Signage? This is in fact easier than you might think. The tool that we are going to use is very similar to the screen grab tool in Apple MAC – ‘CMD + SHIFT + 4’ in MAC gives you a cursor that allows you to screen grab areas … Read More

Why Schools Need Digital Signage in 2018

Digital Signage for schools is more than just a PowerPoint presentation on loop in a lobby. This is not Digital Signage. Moreover, PowerPoint is not designed to be Digital Signage, it is a presentation tool. Digital Signage for Schools is where you take a TV Screen and have relevant notices, important information displayed that can be updated remotely. The content … Read More

Why PowerPoint Should not be used as Digital Signage for Schools

Microsoft PowerPoint was designed as a presentation tool for corporations back in the early 1990s. At no point did Microsoft envisage this product being used for digital signage purposes especially not in an education environment. No Recovery One of the key elements of Digital Signage is what happens if a display or a computer looses power. How does it recover? … Read More