Why Schools Need Digital Signage in 2018

Digital Signage for schools is more than just a PowerPoint presentation on loop in a lobby. This is not Digital Signage. Moreover, PowerPoint is not designed to be Digital Signage, it is a presentation tool. Digital Signage for Schools is where you take a TV Screen and have relevant notices, important information displayed that can be updated remotely. The content is engaging and it is a much more efficient way of delivering said content rather then sticky notes on a notice board. You should not have to physically be loading your information on a memory stick – you should be able to do everything remotely. This, is Digital Signage for Schools in 2018.

Welcome Messages in your Foyer

Scribbling somebody’s name onto a whiteboard in the Foyer used to be acceptable. In today’s modern world, people like to see their “name in lights” and at least on a TV screen. You can change the look and feel of your foyer just by having a screen with your school logo, some engaging pictures from Sports Day or a Science Class and a welcome message. How about the latest news scrolling across the bottom? RSS feed from CNNor Fox News? Now you are talking digital signage. This process doesn’t need to be complicated, but it will truly transform and make s stunning first impression whilst your visits wait in reception.

School News?

Digital Signage is an excellent way for schools to deliver the school news. A boring written school newsletter printed a few hundred times and distributed by students to their parents is a thing of the past. Most schools now have their newsletters online, delivered electronically so why not add to this and have them displayed around the school. Let other pupils see the sporting achievements of their peers of this month’s student of the week. Digital Signage for schools is taking the mundane and making it interesting and engaging. By doing this, you take your messaging to the next level.

Think of a Notice Board that is more engaging

Digital Signage allows you to change your boring notice boards that are dripping with paper and handwritten notes into something that is much more engaging. Think about being able to incorporate videos and moving graphics into your noticeboards. This is what you can do with Digital Signage. We all know that movement encourages engagement and if someone is more engaged that then are reading your content and getting more out of it. This is exactly what changing a notice board into a digital signage screen allows you to do.

How about interactivity?

How about creating some “Info Signage” or ” Way-finding” using touchscreens. This is a great use of Digital Signage and should be as simple as linking one layout to the next so you are simply following hyperlinks. These are things that you cannot really do well any other way.

Remote Updates

You should be able to remotely update your content. You do not want to have to physically visit your screens to change the content. This is not a good use of time so you need to have a way of remotely upping them. This should be able to be don’t via a web browser so that you can update your screens from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Multiple instances of the same information

Digital Signage allows you to send the same information to different screens at the same time. This is not possible with a physical noticeboard unless you are copying even note to each of the boards you want to display them on. Digital Signage makes this easy to do. Group your content into areas so you can display like content. Have several groups that can have different content being shown but from the same control panel. Update a whole group at one or update individual screens – you need to have this flexibility in Digital Signage applications for schools in 2018.

How do I do all of this?

Simple. Head over and check out Contribute Signageby TouchIT Technologies for a 15 day FREE trial.