Extracting Content from Websites – Windows 10 Snipping Tool

How do I get pictures and logos from my website into Contribute Signage? This is in fact easier than you might think.

The tool that we are going to use is very similar to the screen grab tool in Apple MAC – ‘CMD + SHIFT + 4’ in MAC gives you a cursor that allows you to screen grab areas of the desktop or browser and save to PNG on your MAC. The tool to do the same in Windows, is called “Snipping Tool” – this has been around since the days of Vista would you believe!

How to Open the Snipping Tool

Click Windows Logo, and in the dialogue box type “Snipping” – the Desktop App will appear. Click on the Desktop App to open it.


Now, open a browser or whatever App you are looking to take a screen grab from. In this case, we will use the TouchIT Website.

I am going to take a grab of our logo.

From the Snipping Tool, Select “new” and your browser will fade out. Now with your mouse, select the area you want to grab, in this case the TouchIT Logo.

When you release the mouse, it is captured into the “Snipping Tool” Now you want to save the file.

Select, File, then Save As and choose the location to save you grab. In this example, we’re saving “Logo Capture.png” to ‘Pictures

Once saved, from your Media Gallery in Contribute Signage, you can upload your newly captured file. Login, choose Media, then select Upload File. Now navigate to where you saved your file, select it and click “Open” – it will then be added to your Media Gallery.


Please note, new files are added at the bottom of the gallery so you may need to navigate to the last page of your gallery if you have lots of images.

When you are creating Signage, you can now use your screen capture on your layouts. Select Images, then scroll to find your grab and click on it to add it to the canvas.