Multiple digital signage platform cause headaches in higher ed

by David Kaszycki A common pitfall that we are seeing more colleges and universities run into is having multiple digital signage software platforms deployed simultaneously across campus. This happens for a multitude of reasons, but primarily when departments devote budget individually to purchase digital signage for their building and then deploy it without understanding the ramifications for IT and marketing staff. Regardless … Read More

3 benefits of digital signage for universities

By Tony Bardo, assistant vice president of government solutions at Hughes Network Systems, Llc. Colleges and universities have a responsibility to keep students and faculty informed with timely updates and campus developments. From spotlighting campus events to showing highlights of Saturday’s football game to providing daily cafeteria menus, schools have a wealth of information they have to share with a … Read More

The Highs & Lows Of Digital Signage Costs

To understand the true cost of digital signage, you’ve got to examine both ends of the spectrum. The Highs & Lows Of Digital Signage Costs Even though digital signage is a great investment for such industries as restaurants, education, hotels, healthcare, government and the like, you might not be entirely convinced of their overall utility and whether they’re worth the … Read More

Blazing Hot Digital Advertising Signage Trends

Digital signage is a great and innovative way to spread the message your business has to offer your core customers and audience. But as with most things in advertising and marketing, there are changes and trends that work better in digital advertising signage to bring about better results. Knowing just what those trends are can go a long way in … Read More