What is a Good Digital Signage System for Schools in 2018?

So what makes for good digital signage for schools in 2018? For digital signage, we are most certainly talking about more than just a PowerPoint presentation on a loop. This is not digital signage! This is a presentation on a loop! To be real digital signage, we need to be incorporating multiple interactive elements, widgets and zones of content. We understand that there are distinct benefits to digital signage;

  • Engaging with your audience in a graphical manner
  • Displaying real-time information
  • Being able to remotely update the content
  • Conveying your messaging in a more attractive way
  • The list goes on….

Let’s look at 5 key elements that we see are essential in any good Digital Signage system for schools in 2018.

Cloud-Based System Combined with Playback Apps

There is always a lot of talk about “cloud-based” systems and why we should all be adopting them. So, with Digital Signage why is this important? Firstly, you want to deploy a system that is going to be as easy as possible to manage. Cloud-based systems have noting to install, update or physically manage – the vendor does this for you. Combine this with “playback Apps” and this makes for a powerful system. Playback Apps are important as they can convert your existing hardware such as a PC into a Digital Signage Player.


You should not have to be a designer or web programmer to be able to create digital signage. This is so true and we have mentioned this a thousand times. With a What You See is What You Get Editor, online, you can create the exact layout that is going to be deployed onto your Digital Signage Playback devices. This means that you are not converting formats or anything like that, just create! This all being said, if you don’t have an eye for design then find someone that does – we’re certainly not all graphic designers, but if you know what looks good then you should be all set.

Ease of creating Content

A degree in computer science should not be necessary to create Digital Signage. The system should be easy enough that pretty much anyone can use this. You want your receptionist to be able to update content or a regular teacher be able to post pictures. It should not be complicated.

Ease of deploying Content

Once you have created your content, you need to ‘deploy’ it to your playback devices. A playback device is usually a PC or Android devices that has the particular vendor’s playback App installed onto it. The benefit here is that quite often you don’t need to buy new hardware, you can re-configure or recycle some older hardware.

Remote Updating of Content

When you have deployed your content, you need to be able to update it. What you don’t want to do is to have to physically visit your signage players, plug in a USB stick and copy over files every time you want to change the layouts. You need to be able to do this remotely. By remotely, what we mean is that you should be able to login to a system, access your content, change it, then push the new content out to your devices.

Contribute Signage is the Answer!

You have read the above points and you will be pleased to know that Contribute Signage from TouchIT Technologies is able to do all of the above and a heck of a lot more. We also offer a no obligation trial for 15 days of the software. You dont need to enter any credit card details to access the trial. So why not give it a go. Head over to www.contributesignage.comand sign up.