Contribute Signage Singe Playback Device – Software License




A playback device is a computer that is running one of our playback Apps that converts your own computer (this being a Windows PC, Apple MAC or Android) into a Digital Signage Player. Connect the player to an LED Display, projector, TV or monitor and once connected to the internet you can then display your Digital Signage content that you have created at

The Single playback device license allows you to activate one computer running our playback App to which are shown in your Dashboard just like the below.


You are purchasing a software license that allows you to download one of our playback Apps onto your PC, MAC or Android Device. Once you have activated your license on your account at, you are then able to associate your playback device with your account. You are then able to create a layout, add it to a channel, and then push the layout to your playback device.

For more information on how to do this, please visit our online tutorials page