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Channels (5)

Category: Channels

Yes you can – this means that all the playback devices in that Group would be playing the same channel.

Category: Channels

Yes, in order to publish your signage layout, you need to create a Channel and assign a playback device or a group of devices to the channel.

Category: Channels

Yes, you can create unlimited number of channels.

Category: Channels

The number is unlimited.

Category: Channels

A Channel essentially works on contribute signage just as it does on your TV. You are deciding what is going to be shown on that device. The reason that we use channels is that having the ability to assign a channel means we can assign the same channel to a single device, or a group of playback devices. This is helpful if we want to show the same information on different screens.

Creating Signage (5)

Yes, just be mindful of the size of the video if you are using 4K. A 200mb video will put a lot of drain on your playback device.

Widgets are additions to your pictures and videos to bring your signage to life. We include Widgets for the Time, Date, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and RSS feeds.

Yes, there is a WYSIWIG editor to help you create the signage layouts.

No. However, having an eye for design does make creating something that looks the part easier!

Crisis Management (4)

Yes, you can see which user sent the messages on the system.

Yes, you can – either all devices, Groups of Devices, or a Single Device.

We have templates for the following scenarios

You can also send a custom message by choosing the “Custom” option, and then typing your own message.

The idea of crisis management is that in the event of an emergency, you can quickly change the display on all screens to show a message. This is particularly useful if you have a TouchIT LED in your building or room as they can also be triggered to display the warning messages.

Licensing (6)

Category: Licensing

No, sorry, you will need to purchase a license at the end of your trial or register for a new trial account

Category: Licensing

No, our licensing is perpetual

Category: Licensing

Single Playback Device. $149
1-10 Devices $999
Unlimited (per building). $3999

Category: Licensing

Yes, simply purchase the license you require from the store, then add it to your Admin control panel when you login.

Category: Licensing

We offer three simple licensing models and the centre around how many displays or playback devices you are going to use. We have the following options;

1) A Single Display / Playback Device
2) 1-10 Displays / Playback Device
3) Unlimited (per building)

Media Gallery (5)

Category: Media Gallery

Only users that have been created by your “master admin” will be able to see the files. For example, Customer A in Austin, TX will not be able to access Customer B in Boston, MA’s files because they are in a different account.

Category: Media Gallery

Yes, we use SSL and 256bit encryption on our website.

Category: Media Gallery

Currently, there is no limit. To keep it this way, please be respectful with the size and number of files you are uploading.

Category: Media Gallery

Yes you can.

Category: Media Gallery

Currently, the space is unlimited within reason. So, to keep it that way, try and keep the size of your files to a reasonable level.

Playback Devices (3)

We support Windows and Android

This is dictated by your license that you have purchased.

A playback device is a Windows or Android based device that has the Contribute Signage App installed on it. The Contribute Signage App converts that device into a playback device as it is able to “play back” a digital signage layout that you have created at contributesignage.com

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